AAT Studies 

Rob completed the Associations of Accounting Technicians qualification between 2004 and 2007 at BPP Professional Education in Manchester.  Successful completion of the technician stage allowed exemptions from the Certificate Level of the Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants (CIMA) professional qualification.  Details below record the module attained and the dates achieved: 


Unit Code Name Date Achieved
Unit 11 DFS Drafting Financial Statements 06/07
Unit 15 CMCC Cash Management and Credit Control 03/07
Unit 17 IAP Implementing Internal Audit Procedures 03/07
Unit 10 MAP Project - Managing Accounting Systems and People 05/07
Unit 9 PCR Planning and Control of Resources 02/07
Unit 8 PEV Performance and Enhancement of Value 02/07


Unit Code Name Date Achieved
Unit 6 ECR Recording and Evaluating Costs and Revenues 02/06
Unit 5 FRA Maintaining Financial Records and Preparing Accounts 08/06
Unit 23 APE Achieving Personal Effectiveness 06/05
Unit 22 MSE Maintain a Safe Working Environment 06/05
Unit 21 WIT Working With Information Technology 06/05


Unit Code Name Date Achieved
Unit 4 SIMC Supplying Information for Management Control 06/05
Unit 3 PLB Preparing Ledger Balances 02/05
Unit 2 MRP Making and Recording Payments 06/05
Unit 1 RIR Recording Income and Receipts 06/05

For more information:

www.bpp.com (BPP Professional Education)
www.aat.org.uk (Association of Accounting Technicians)